Club Tennis Llafranc

New project


In August 2022, President Josep Lluís Marcó and Economic Vice-President Ferran Soriano presented in a member assembly some preliminary lines of what the CTLL could be like of the future, based on three possible future scenarios.

It was made clear that with the reforms undertaken, the survival of the Club is not at stake, although it will not come alone. When we asked Ferran Porta what was the most important milestone in the history of the CTLL, he was clear about it: “perhaps the most important thing for me is the Club’s ability to endure over time. Despite the bad times, which are always there, we are here and soon we will celebrate our 50th anniversary.” The first scenario follows this same principle, that is, the CTLL could continue to exist more or less as it is; it will be necessary to fine-tune the management, get new partners and new sources of income, and improve facilities and services little by little, organically; but the Club will still be what it is now, for many years to come.

But there are more ambitious scenarios, which propose that the Club make a significant qualitative leap to become a multi-sport reference in the Empordà, promoting diverse sports and a more active social life; A meeting point, of sport and relationships, also of work if necessary, and with equipment at the height of the new times and adjusted to new needs. These scenarios have a little more economic risk: significant investments are needed to expand the building, improve equipment and modernize services to the partner. That is why the Board and TEDESA have a working group to evaluate possible financing models or capital increases that allow them to attract more partners (and, therefore, money), without jeopardizing the assets and actions of current partners. In the most ambitious scenario, with gym and spa equipment, the Club would need to reach 1400 members (it currently has 800 members) to meet investment and expenses, a figure similar to its all-time high of a few years ago.

The project of this possible club of the future” is based on an initial project by the architect Josep Maria Miró who, among other things, has carried out the modeling and convention center in the Castle of Cap Roig for the La Caixa Foundation. Among the different extension options, presented at the assembly of members, the option chosen by 95% of the attendees was the one that expands the building by embracing the pool on the north side, where the parking lot is now. This minimally invasive expansion would maintain the current lines of the Club, expanding it from behind to accommodate a spa with treatments, a water area and a gym with room for state-of-the-art equipment, and directed activity rooms –fitness, yoga, pilates, spinning… –. As Josep Lluís Marcó says: “The current Board imagines the Club of the future with its founding principles intact: a club of friends sports lovers, who enjoy together a privileged environment, that they love the territory – wherever they come from – and that they commit themselves to making it a place of meeting and collective happiness. To do this, we think that the Club must be updated and, for this reason, it has been put to work the needle to start building, together, the club that our children and grandchildren will enjoy just as we enjoy it.” At the meeting held in August, it was made clear that whatever the decision, it must be taken by the CTLL members themselves and by the General Meeting of Shareholders of the CTLL TEDESA, which are the sovereign organs. The Board only proposes, the partner decides.