The Pilates method offers may benefits, thanks to the exercises which combine stretching, toning, contracting and maintaining the posture to provide support to the bone structure.

Pilates focuses on strengthening the centre, stretching and the spine and making it more flexible, and improving muscle tone. It’s an activity recommended for everyone: young people, elderly people, pregnant women, athletes, etc.

“With 10 sessions you’ll feel better, with 20, you’ll look better and with 30, you’ll have a new body” Josep Pilates

After a few Pilates sessions you’ll begin to notice the difference, both physically and mentally, and you’ll feel a lot of improvements:

  • You’ll improve your posture and the alignment of your body
  • You’ll alleviate or prevent back pain
  • You’ll tone your muscles, and that will help you to treat and prevent injuries.

If you haven’t yet tried a Pilates session, ask for a trial session now. Send an email to info@tenisllafranc.cat

Try the Pilates method, your body and mind will thank you!


Sessions to improve your physical and mental condition.

A combination of techniques aimed at toning, strengthening your body and making it more flexible, while reducing stress and charging yourself with energy. It’s done in groups and music is fundamental for the activity. Everything is worked on, but without excesses.

Various intensity levels are offered: mild and medium. Within the same group, the students can adapt the intensity of the work to their own particular condition.


Aimed at people interested in improving their physical condition in general or specifically, and those who wish to work on their own.

They will undertake a customised programme that can combine work on machines with gymnastic exercises, and that will be reviewed based on the student’s progress.

Recommended for those who want to improve their performance in other sporting activities (tennis, paddle tennis, etc.).


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