A year-long programme in which we prepare our students, working in small groups with a comprehensive programme which includes our personal attention, specialised physical preparation, video analysis, end of term reports and our personal stamp – accompaniment to matches.

The various ANNUAL programmes of the CTLL Academy:

WARRIORS: a pre-competition programme for boys and girls aimed at providing them with values as players and for life in general, values based on companionship and respect. Weekly training sessions.

PROMISES: devised for young players of both sexes who are already playing in national competitions and some international tournaments. Very small groups, frequency of the training sessions according to the judgement of the sporting director. Individualised competition calendar.

PRO: for players of both sexes who want to become professional players or choose to receive a grant to study in the United States. Programme with all-day intensive training sessions, individualised calendar and accompaniment to tournaments.


All the programmes can include accommodation, extra services and complementary activities and provide the right to unlimited use of our facilities.


I never enjoyed tennis as a child. For me, going to training was like a punishment. The CT LLAFRANC has taught me love this sport, to discover feelings that a few months ago I never thought I would feel. Happiness, maturity and values for life are what this wonderful Club is giving me, along with the best preparation for me to focus on my professional career in competition tennis.



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