The Pilates method offers many benefits thanks to the exercises that combine stretching, toning, contraction and maintenance of the posture to provide support for the skeletal system.

Pilates is focused on strengthening the center, stretching and flexing the spine and increasing the muscular tone. This is an activity recommended to everybody: young people, elderly people, pregnant women, athletes …

“With 10 sessions you will feel better, with 20 you will look better and with 30 you will have a new body” Josep Pilates

After a few sessions of Pilates, you will begin to notice the difference, both in the body and at the mental level, and you will experience many improvements:

  • You will improve your position and the alignment of your body
  • You will relieve or avoid back aches
  • You will tonalize your muscles and this will help you treat and prevent injuries

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Try the Pilates method, your body and your mind will appreciate it!


Sessions to improve our physical and mental state.

Combining techniques with the aim of toning, strengthening and flexibilizing our bodies when we unpack and we load energy. They are performed in groups and music is essential for developing the activity. Everything works, but without excesses.

Different levels of intensity are offered: soft and medium. Within the same group, students can adapt the intensity of the work to their particular conditions.


Held for people interested in improving their physical form in general or in a specific way and who want to work on their own.

They will be developed a personalized program that can combine work on machines with gymnastic exercises and will be reviewed depending on the evolution of the student.

Recommended for those who want to increase their performance in other sports activities (tennis, paddle, etc.).


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