Club Tennis Llafranc’s History

Agroup of friends and holidaymakers at Llafranc, headed by Jesús Serra Santamans, made their dream of building a tennis club in order to enjoy their vacations on the Costa Brava. To this end, on August 30, 1974 the Llafranc Tennis Club was born. One year later, the first clues had already been built and, in 1976, the social premises were inaugurated, by Joan Pericot García, assisted by the architect Joan Baca Llauradó. The architect, Carlos Leach, was commissioned to design sports facilities on an area of 6,000 m2: location and distribution of tennis courts. There were still 11,000 m2 more space where a football field was built.

First Board fo Club Tennis Llafranc

President : Jesús Serra Santamans
Vice president : Santiago Martí Llumá
Secretary : Eduardo Garrido Velasco
Vocal : Jorge Martí Llumá
Vocal : Jorge Cabré Homs
Vocal : Eduardo Cabré Homs
Vocal : Francisco Planas Vergés
Vocal : Jorge Luis Marsal Coromina
Vocal : José Mª Torres Millán



In 1975 the first Social Championship was held and the following year the first Tennis School was launched under the direction of Antonio Martínez López.


In 1978 there was the first highlight of the Board of Directors, replacing Jesús Serra Santamans with the Germán Loewe Tarmann Club’s Presidency with a whole new government team.


Under the chairmanship of Mr. Loewe, in 1979, built a sports court.


In 1982, the second legislature of Germán Loewe began with a renewed Board. The following year, in the Annual Membership Assembly, the Board of Directors proposed appointing the first President of the Club, Jesús Serra Santamans, “Honorary President of the Club.” Proposal that was accepted unanimously.


In 1986, the third governing board headed by Sixte Cambra Sánchez entered, and in that same year, the “1st Spanish Veteran Championship” was held at the Club facilities.


In 1988 a new enlargement of the Club was approved with 4 more tennis courts and 2 paddles (the new sport from Argentina that is gaining fans among Club members).


In 1990, Joan Figueras Ricomá joined the presidency. To emphasize as main work with its arrival the asphalt of the parking area of the entrance of the Club. And, at the sporting level: the creation of the Catalan West Tournament for the smallest of the Entity.


In 1993, the Spanish Tennis Federation awarded the Llafranc Tennis Club the organization of the “Spanish Championship for Veteran Teams” that was developed in our facilities with a large number of registered people from all over Spain.


In 1994 it is time,  again, for elections. On this occasion, the presidency lies with the founding partner Eduard Cabré Homs, accompanied by a new Board of Directors.


In 1996, again the Spanish Federation entrusted the Club with the organization of the “Championship of Spain by Veterans’ Teams”.


In 1997, the Club instituted and awarded the first gold badge to Jesús Serra Santamans. This year, the Club already has 19 tennis courts and 4 paddle tennis courts.


We arrived in 1998, the Club has a new President: Ferran Porta Jacques.


Under its presidency, the following year 1999, the International Tennis Federation awards the Club the celebration of the “Britannia Cup” and the “Kitty Godfree Cup”, championships of the world of veterans.


That same year, the Club celebrates its “25 Years”. But the anniversary celebrations are celebrated the following year, in 2000.


In 2002 the central tennis court is baptized as the “Pista Jesús Serra Santamans”.


In 2003, in the facilities of the Club the “Memorial Simón Mateo” tournament was developed.


In 2007, the Club has the honor of disputing the elimination of the “Fed Cup for Teams” between Spain and the Czech Republic at its facilities.


In 2010, the 3rd presidency of Ferran Porta ended, taking over at Carlos Galceran Homet. That same year works of remodeling and extension of the Social Local Work are carried out.

Replaces Carlos Galceran for a period of 6 years at the head of the Board of Directors of the Tennis Club Llafranc, in Jordi Cumellas Hugas, current President.

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